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Arizona Couple Feeds 100,000 Meals To Hungry Americans

Fed By ThreadsFor Immediate Release:

Arizona Couple Feeds 100,000 Emergency Meals To Hungry Americans

Tucson, AZ – December 27, 2013

Alok Appadurai and Jade Beall started Fed By Threads as a tiny seed of an idea to sell community dance shirts at their studio in Tucson and feed 12 meals to hungry Americans via food banks across the country every time someone bought a shirt. They had no idea that in under 18 months, they would be crossing 100,000 emergency meals fed to some of the 50 million Americans facing food insecurity!

In November 2011, they received a letter from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona describing the depths of the hunger epidemic in America and the couple knew they had to do something. But as the shirts began to sell, they went even further and shifted manufacturing from overseas so that now every piece in the Fed By Threads’ shop in Tucson is Made In America. To reduce carbon footprint, every piece is also made of sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, repurposed woodpulp, recycled plastic bottles, hemp, or bamboo.

“This holiday season went gang-busters,” co-founder Alok Appadurai says. “Because so many people in America believe in Fed By Threads, we were able to make our 100,000 meal-goal much faster than we ever dreamed!”

Fed By Threads feeds 4 meals a piece through the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona in Tucson and 8 meals a piece through Feeding America, which is a nationwide network of 200+ food banks.

From their humble beginnings as a ‘t-shirt’ company, Fed By Threads now sells organic dresses, skirts, bras, shirts, cardigans, leggings, baby onesies, and numerous other thread-based items!

“When people shop at Fed By Threads, they know they are feeding the needy in our country, supporting American manufacturing jobs, and reducing their impact on the environment,” Appadurai says.

The other co-founder, Jade Beall, has coined the phrase, “Wear The Change You Wish To See In The World,” which is Fed By Thread’s play on the inspiring Gandhi quote.

In March 2014 they will be moving Fed By Threads out of their studio and into a stand-alone Flagship Store on Tucson’s booming Congress Street. Appadurai proudly says “I want to create the retail shopping experience I myself have never walked into and feed 100,000’s of more meals!”


Alok Appadurai


435 E. 9th Street

Tucson AZ 85705

917 523 2240



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